About us

Since the beginning of the company, its activities have been devoted to the development of bio-energy projects, the design of wood pellets and briquette lines, the construction of bio boiler rooms.

The company prepares a technical and business project – a plan, selects contractors for the construction of the project, attracts the investor if necessary. Since 2014, the company has been developing solid fuel boilers for the production of VERNER. From 10 to 1000 KW power, wood pellets, briquettes, and chips boilers. Since 2016, the company has started working closely with Czech companies on the construction of pellet-briquette lines throughout the European Union. The company cooperates with large EU companies that produce the necessary equipment for our complete lines. Together with our Czech partners, we have built 25 professional lines in the European Union from 750 kg per hour to 3500 kg. In 2019, our company developed extremely close links with investors in the United States and Germany, who invest in projects developed by our clients, and these projects are coordinated by our company.┬áIn 2020, VERNER BALTIC received the consent to mediate larger ones – from 2 million EUR for investment projects. Also in the development of 2016 activities, the company currently cooperates and works in the Belarusian market.

Mathematical calculations are always superior to attitudes and opinions. The problem for most corporations is that they rely on opinions rather than data to make decisions. When we understand what we need to assess and how to do it, complex calculations become no longer complicated. Action analysis can deter you from the idea of acting and it can be much more useful than pink ideas promising a major upheaval. It's very important to me, people's actions, not their empty speeches....

- Owner